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1. Sex-positive creativity, education, playfulness, thoughts, and ideas are cool. Sign me up!
2. I am over 21.
3. I will honor each person’s right to freely consent (or not) at all times. Including mine.
4. When I make an agreement I’ll do my best to fulfill it. If things change I’ll clearly communicate those changes.
5. I will make sure my email address is current so I can receive awesome announcements and stay up to date with what’s happening.
6. I will always be respectful, thoughtful, and compassionate with other members, guests and volunteers. Let’s all get along!
7. I will honor the orientation, creed, ethnicity, and relationship status of everyone, and will ask before assuming pronouns or gender.
8. I will only attend an event when I consent to the event agreements, including bringing a PAL when it’s required.
9. I will help the MCSF Board of Directors to establish effective policies and our event leaders to host successful events.
10. I promise to respect everyone’s privacy and not reveal the identity of other members.

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